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Belinskogo street, 1,
150043, Yaroslavl, Russia

Fields of activity

Environment Protection Desighning

At present, any industrial construction or reconstruction project, any functioning enterprise are assessed from the point of view of environmental efficiency. It is expressed by the level of negative impact on the environment and population. Environment protection designing – a complex of designing...

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Designing of Construction

SPE “Cadastre” develops a wide spectrum of project documentation on new construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of industrial enterprises. The institution provides designing services to enterprises of various sectors and industries – chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, machine-building,...

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Environment Protection Documentation

Development of environment documentation is an important component of activities of any enterprise. Any industrial, agricultural or other activity of people has impact on the environment. Enterprises and organizations that implement such activities need to minimize negative environmental impact...

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Consulting and Research Developments

Consulting is a complex of works connected with environmental support of activities of construction and designing organizations, economic objects of all sectors of activity, local and regional bodies of power. Consulting services are provided at all stages of economic activity: at the preproject...

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LLC Scientific-production Enterprise “Cadastre”

LLC Scientific-production Enterprise “Cadastre” is a modern innovative institution. Since 1993 it provides a wide spectrum of engineering works and specializes on project and consulting services, implements research activities in the field of measures aimed at environment protection

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