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Consulting and Research Developments

Consulting is a complex of works connected with environmental support of activities of construction and designing organizations, economic objects of all sectors of activity, local and regional bodies of power. Consulting services are provided at all stages of economic activity: at the preproject stage: during the process of development of project documentation and substantiation of environment protection measures; for operating enterprises.

SPE “Cadastre” implements works on pre-investment analysis of environmental and sanitary risks, performs technical –economic substantiation of of investments in designing and construction of industrial and other objects, including development of planned project decisions, business-plans and environmental impact assessment. It also develops documents of environment protection planning — territorial (municipal and rural settlements, districts, regions, river basins) and sectoral action, target programmes in the field of sustainable natural resource use and environment protection, implements practical economic valuation of natural resources, ecosystem services and environmental damage, develops and introduces innovation mechanisms of natural resource management.

For bodies of environment protection management (subjects of the Russian Federation and municipalities) SPE “Cadastre” can develop: (1) programs and plans of environment protection; (2) reports on and reviews of the state and protection of the environment, perform consultations on issues of organization of environment protection activity. Research developments and consulting services of the company related to sustainable development, efficiency of addressing issues of environment protection and rational natural resource use facilitate adequate management decision making.

JSC “Slavneft-Yanos”

For industrial companies and enterprises SPE “Cadastre” can: (1) develop corporate strategies of formation reporting according to GRI requirements; (2) compile reports on corporate social responsibility; (3) perform economic valuation of environmental damage of economic activity. Consulting projects on environmental reporting and publications, on the development of internal systems and databases of enterprises and corporations compatible with GRI standards make it possible for the business to strengthen its positions on domestic and international markets.

For management of specially protected natural areas SPE “Cadastre” can: (1) develop management plans aimed at improvement of activities of the given areas on biodiversity conservation, indicators of economic value of natural resources and ecosystem services provided for various groups of users; (2) implement economic valuation of ecosystem services.


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