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Designing of Construction

SPE “Cadastre” develops a wide spectrum of project documentation on new construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of industrial enterprises. The institution provides designing services to enterprises of various sectors and industries – chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, machine-building, fuel and energy, etc.

As a general designer the enterprise takes full responsibility for a complex of preproject and project works, including registration of initial permitting documentation, directing project documentation to expert examination, preparation of working documentation and follow-on up to putting an object into operation. Specialists of the organization have necessary experience of general designing and putting into operation of foreign technologies in conditions of Russia.

At the stage of preproject works the organization develops feasibility study (business plan) and performs environmental impact assessment for a proposed object. It also participates in the selection and legalization of a land site under construction, registration of technical conditions and town-planning of the site.

The main sections of project documentation are: general plan and transport, architectural and construction decisions, technological decisions, engineering equipment, networks and systems, estimated costs documentation. SPE “Cadastre” performs these stages of work both during general planning and by specific requests of customers. The works are performed on a turn-key basis starting from preparation of sections of documentation and its submission for examination till putting an object into operation.


Specialists of the enterprise have a rich experience in developing special sections of a project: the list of measures on environment protection, organization of labor conditions of workers, production and enterprise management, examination of constructions.

An important field of activity of the SPE “Cadastre” is examination of industrial safety of project documentation of chemical production, oil and gas refineries. Within the framework of that field of activity sections on industrial safety are being developed as a part of project documentation and declaration of industrial safety for dangerous industrial objects.


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