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Environment Protection Documentation

Development of environment documentation is an important component of activities of any enterprise. Any industrial, agricultural or other activity of people has impact on the environment. Enterprises and organizations that implement such activities need to minimize negative environmental impact as any damages threaten strict penalties. By now, not a single legal person can implement any economic activity without properly agreed permits obtained on the basis of developed norms of maximum admissible emissions and discharges, production of wastes and limits for their disposal.

Integrated approach to observance of environmental legislation in the process of addressing issues of a specific object and specific customer is the main factor in the strategy of SPE “Cadastre”. It allows to minimize work time and increases probability of a positive response of relevant supervising bodies in the course of examination of prepared environment protection documentation. For 20 years our company is involved in the development of environment protection documentation for all types of enterprises. It guarantees timely development of a necessary package of environment protection documentation in the process of designing, construction and operation of an object. Our specialists are ready to provide comprehensive and competent answers to all quastions related to environment protection and ecology.

We take part in the agreeing of environment protection documentation with bodies of Rospotrebnadzor and Rosprirodnadzor. Professional skills of our experts, their practical experience and knowledge, as well as the ability to quickly and correctly navigate in the documentation provides for guaranteed agreement of of envirojment protection documentation in supervising bodies.

JSC “Yaroslavl Technical Carbon”

Our company performs full environmental support for functioning of an enterprise that envisages legalization of environmental documentation in accordance with norms and requirements in action, included in the development of projects:

  • Norms of maximum admissible emissions (MAE)
  • Norms of admissible discharges (AD)
  • Norms of waste generation and limits for their disposal (NWGLD)

We also perform:

  • Calculation of the class of danger of wastes
  • Development of passports of dangerous objects
  • Development of an order of production control in the field of waste management

The above works are performed with the account of specific features a region of implementation of economic activity.


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