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Environment Protection Desighning

At present, any industrial construction or reconstruction project, any functioning enterprise are assessed from the point of view of environmental efficiency. It is expressed by the level of negative impact on the environment and population. Environment protection designing – a complex of designing developments necessary for addressing the issues of environment protection and natural resource use, their coordination in control bodies and institutions with further obtaining of conclusions and relevant permits of those control bodies. According to directions of the legislation in action of the Russian Federation such designing is obligatory for various objects in action and under construction.

Environment protection designing for industrial objects includes preliminary environmental impact assessment and development of a list of measures on environment protection within project documentation, environmental maintenance of industrial enterprises and companies, including the development of environment protection sections within the projects of reconstruction and new construction, improvement of general plan decisions in order to minimize environmental risks and observe requirements of sanitary legislation on the adjacent farmstead areas.

JSC “Baltika Breweries” – “Baltika-Yaroslavl”
Special role is given to projects of sanitary-protective zones – special territories around industrial enterprises or industrial centres of special purpose and regime of use, as they forma barrier between the industry and residential areas reducing the risks for human health to zero.

The organization specializes on the development of the most complex projects of sanitary-protective zones – for territories of industrial centres. SPE “Cadastre” has developed projects of the unified sanitary-protective zone of the Southern industrial centre of the town of Yaroslavl (more than 60 enterprises) and the unified sanitary-protective zone of the Northern industrial centre of the town of Yaroslavl (more than 300 enterprises).

SPE “Cadastre” was the first to start the development and practical application of methodology of management of complex sanitary-protection zones based on the methodology of reducing the risks for human health from negative industrial impact. On the credit side of SPE “Cadastre” are individual projects of sanitary-protective zones of enterprises of chemical, petrochemical, machine-building, construction and food industries.


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