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Награда немецко-российского форума 2000 г.
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LLC “Scientific-Production Enterprise “Cadastre” is a modern innovative COMPANY. Since 1993 the institution performs a wide spectrum of engineering works and specializes on project and consulting services, implements research activities in the field of measures aimed at environment protection and improvement, ensuring environmental safety, sustainable innovation-activity growth.

The general plan, architectural, design and spatial-planning decisions, engineering equipment and other sections of design documentation are developed by the specialists of our institution both in the course of general designing and according to specific of requests of customers. The works are performed on a turn-key basis, starting from implementation of sections and submission to expert examination and till putting an object into operation.

Specialists of our company have rich experience of working out special sections of a project: list of measures on environment protection, organization of labor and staff labor conditions, management of production and enterprise.

An important field of activity is expert examination of industrial safety of project documentation of chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas refinery production. Within the framework of that field of activity sections related to industrial safety composed of project documentation and declaration of industrial safety of dangerous industrial objects are also developed.

Leading specialists of organization are nationally recognized experts, authors of unique projects. They possess degrees of doctors and candidates of possessing scientific degrees of doctors and candidates of geographic, economic, technical sciences, as well as European certificates of EOQ-managers and auditors on quality, ecology and risks. Our specialists have experience in general designing and putting into operation of foreign technologies in conditions of Russia.

Activity of the organization was certified by the International certification network (IQNet) on integrated system of management that includes systems of management quality (ISO 9001:2015) and environmental management (ISO 14001:2015). Organization is a member of a union of self-regulating organizations (SRO). It has all necessary permits for works on designing of objects, including dangerous and technically complex ones. It also has a license on implementation of activities related to examination of industrial safety.

Among our customers are federal bodies of executive power, bodies of executive power of the subjects of the Russian Federation, corporations and and industrial enterprises of petrochemical, chemical and oil refinery industries, fuel and energy complex, machine-building industry and metal-working, transport, food and pharmaceutical industry.

According to the results of audit examinations SPE “Cadastre” was attributed to the first category of investment attractiveness that was confirmed by its high profitability and financial stability, quality of financial and productive management, availability of prospects for further development and growth.


All our advantages, as well as constant growth and our own scientific developments determined success of and demand for the company at the market.

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