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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

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Environmental impact assessment is the process that facilitates environmentally justified management decision-making on implementation of a planned economic or other activity by identification of potential negative impact, consequences for the environment, consideration of public opinion, development of measures on decreasing and prevention of impact.

EIA is implemented in order to identify a nature and a degree of risk of all potential types of impact of the planned economic and other activity on the environment and human health, assessment of environmental, economic and social consequences of such impact, as well as for prevention or mitigation of such impact. Environmental mpact assessment is a legal process that is obligatory in the course of the development of any project.

Being and initial stage of any project EIA provides a view of natural conditions of a territory, state of surface and underground waters, land resources, air condition, flora and fauna, historical and cultural objects, as well as potential ways of impact on them by planned economic activity.

The following issues are addressed in the course of EIA development:

  • identification of preproject state of the environment (parameters and characteristics) that might be damaged by the process of economic activity
  • environmental-economic substantiation of investments in the construction
  • identification of basics of negative environmental impact (types and factors) of the planned economic activity: acoustic impact, air pollution, contamination f surface and underground waters, geological analysis, assessment of soil quality and general ecological assessment
  • confirmation of admissible impact and norms of natural resource use on the basis of ecological factors for a specific type of activity, that in its turn, are determinants for a stable bigeocenose development of the postpoject environment
  • development of proposals (recommendations and measures) on the prevention, decreasing or liquidation of pollution on the basis of contemporary systems of environment protection

In order to address the above issues and to implement environmental impact assessment a complex of environmental research on assessing the impact of a planned object on components of the environment is performed. It includes:

  • assessment of a possible air pollution
  • assessment of the acoustic impact
  • assessment of impact of a planned activity on surface and underground waters
  • assessment of potential impact on soils and vegetation cover
  • assessment of recreational impact for adjacent areas
  • development of environment protection measures capable of reducing negative consequences.

Professionals of our company have rich experience in developing EIA projects. Services of our specialists ensures fast preparation of documents and passing of all stages of EIA procedure.

The cost and duration of works are determined after the analysis of the situation and identification of a list of research works necessary for EIA development.


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