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Sanitary-protective Zone (SPZ)

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SPZ project is connected with establishing of a special area characterized by a special regime of use. Its size implies reduction of pollution impact (physical, chemical and biological) on the air to values determined by existing norms. Development of an SPZ project is necessary for protecting population from potential risk as a result of activity of industrial enterprises.

SPZ project is developed for projected industrial objects and facilities, objects under construction and reconstruction. For newly constructed and reconstructed objects SPZ project is submitted jointly with a project for construction (reconstruction, technical re-equipment) of an enterprise.

According to the normative act in action, SanPiN 2.2.1/, SPZ project is necessary for the following economic objects:

  • industrial and production objects
  • objects of transport infrastructure
  • objects of energy sector
  • agricultural objects
  • experimental industrial enterprises and complexes
  • sport objects and complexes
  • trade areas
  • municipal objects
  • public catering enterprises

The aim of a development:

  • prevention or decreasing of negative impact of industrial objects on human health and comfort of living
  • adoption of economically and technically sound socially and ecologically reasonable design and construction decisions
  • observance of environmental legislation

Calculation of the size of an SPZ is done on the basis of calculations of air pollution and physical impact on it (noise, vibration, electromagnetic fields, etc.), as well as assessment of risk for human health.

SPZ project envisages:

  • substantiation of proposed boundaries of an SPZ
  • determining of sufficiency of earlier developed measures and, in case it is necessary, new measures on air protection and improvement of a territory of SPZ
  • development of proposals on planning of a territory that ensures decreasing of negative impact of industrial objects on residential areas up to existing hygienic norms

Qualifications and experience of specialists of the SPE “Cadastre” allow to implement requests on the development of SPZ for objects of various purposes and level of complexity, including industrial centres and individual industrial enterprises.

Costs and duration of development of a project depend on the complexity of technological processes at an enterprise.


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