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The Project of a Sanitary Protective Zone of a Drinking Wate Sorce

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According to legislation in action development of a project of sanitary-protective zone (SPZ) is an obligatory measure of sanitary protection of places of surface and underground water intake where a special regime of exploitation of a territory is set. The aim of establishing of a special regime of use is prevention of pollution of drinking water source.

The objective of a project:

  • possibility for exploiting sources of water supply and water intake facilities
  • observance of the requirements of sanitary-epidemiological legislation
  • obtaining of a sanitary-epidemiological certificate
  • approval of a sanitary-protecting zone

Development of a project of SPZ legalizes activities on exploitation of a source of water supply and ensures water supply, ensures its protection from pollution and prevention of risk for human health.

Project development includes the following stages of work:

  • collection of initial data
  • development of a project including mapping materials and a plan of measures on the improvement of sanitary state of the territory of an SPZ
  • endorsement of a plan of measures by land users located within the SPZ
  • endorsement of a project by Rospotrebnadzor
  • approval of a project in bodies of executive power of a subject of the Russian Federation

Professionals of our company provide services on the development of projects of zones of sanitary protection for any types of water supply.

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