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Draft Norms of Maximum Admissible Emissions (MAE)

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Draft norms of MAE identifies norms of admissible levels of pollutants that do not cause exceeding maximum admissible concentrations in the near surface air in residential areas. Inventory of pollutant air emissions and their sources within the draft norms of MAE is performed by all economic subjects whose industrial activity is connected with pollutant emissions in the air, i.e. having organized and non-organized pollutant emission sources characterized by specific location, functioning constantly or temporarily 0n the territory of an economic object or transported by a mobile vehicle and functioning in a stationary regime.

The main objectives of developing draft norms of MAE are:

  • the assessment of a degree of negative air impact of a specific economic subject based on the criteria of air quality
  • depending on the degree of impact in case of exceeding of norms of air quality - development of measures on decreasing that impact and assessment of their adequacy
  • development of proposals on introduction of norms of maximum admissible emissions
  • development of a plan-schedule for controlling observance of adopted emission norms
  • development of measures on reducing air pollution emissions during unfavorable meteorological conditions

The main objective of the project – control of activity of an object in order to ensure that its functioning, functioning of combination of such objects and prospects of their development do not lead to exceeding of admissible concentrations for population, flora and fauna.

SPE “Cadastre” proposes to use a complex of services that includes:

  • development of draft norms of MAE
  • project approval by a department of Rospotrebnadzor

Costs and schedule times of the development of draft norms of MAE depend on a number of production sites, number of sources of harmful pollutant emissions, complexity of technological processes and other factors.


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