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Draft Norms for Generation of Wastes and Limits for Their Disposal (DNGWLTD)

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Development of DNGWLTD is obligatory for individual manufacturers and legal persons (except for subjects of small and medium size businesses) whose activity leads to waste generation.

DNGWLTD are developed in order to identify volumes of waste disposal on objects included in the state register of objects for waste disposal, schedule times for temporary accumulation of wastes on the territory of an enterprise and other conditions that allowing ensuring environment protection with the account of adopted limits.

Developed DNGWLTD are approved by territorial bodies of Rosprirodnadzor at the location of natural resource user. A document on the approval of norms for generation of wastes and limits for their disposal is issued on the basis of approved DNGWLTD.

In the course of the development of a DNGWLTD the following items are taken into account:

  • volumes of used raw materials, materials, products with the account of planned production capacity
  • the results of an inventory of wastes and object for their disposal, availability and capacity of objects for the use and detoxication of wastes of a given type
  • availability, volume, capacity and estimated lifetime of existing objects for waste disposal
  • environmental, sanitary-hygienic and other requirements for waste disposal
  • possibilities for ensuring preservation of a resource potential of disposed wastes
  • economically reasonable volume of transportation lot for waste removal
  • availability of existing technologies for processing of a certain type of wastes
  • maximum admissible environmental impact of wastes planned for disposal
  • environmental conditions of a territory

LLC SPE “Cadastre” proposes you to use a complex of measures that includes:

  • identification of sources of waste generation at an enterprise
  • classification of wastes by classes of danger for the environment
  • compilation of a waste register
  • identification of sites for waste accumulation on the territory of your enterprise
  • development of draft norms for waste generation and limits for their disposal
  • taking account of comments and remarks at the stage of project agreeing

We implement full range of works and support our clients at all stages.

Costs and schedule times for the development of DNGWLTD depend on the number of industrial sites, volume of generated wastes, complexity of technological processes and other factors.


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