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Development of Passports of Hazardous Wastes

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Passports of wastes – documents certifying attribution of wastes to a certain types and classes of danger possessing information on their composition.

Individual entrepreneurs and legal persons, whose activity results in generation of wastes belonging to I-IV classes of danger, are obliged to confirm attribution of wastes to specific classes of danger and to develop passports for hazardous wastes.

Passports of hazardous wastes are the final documents of a process of certification. They have different periods of validity for wastes registered in the Federal Classification Catalogue of Wastes (FCCW) and for wastes that are not registered in that Catalogue.

Work of specialists of LLC SPE “Cadastre” includes:

  • collection and preparation of information on the origin, composition, aggregate conditions and physical properties of wastes
  • organization of implementation of laboratory analysis of component compositions of wastes that are not included in the FCCW and preparation of materials for reasoning attributing of wastes to a certain class of danger for the environment
  • support for approval of passport in a body of Rospotrebnadzor

Our staff includes experienced experts that will help you to prepare all necessary documents that allow your enterprise with guarantee to get passports of wastes in the shortest possible time.

Costs and schedule times for the development passports of wastes depend on the types of wastes subject to certification.


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