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Environmental Audit

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Environmental audit — independent, integrated, documented assessment of observance by a subject of economic and other activity of requirements, including norms and regulations in the field of environment, requirements of international standards and development of recommendations on improving such activities. The objectives of environmental audit are: assistance to subjects of economic activity in identifying formulating their environmental policies, priorities on implementing measures, including preventive ones, aimed at observance of established environmental regulations. It also includes creation of a mechanism for implementation of effective and efficient regulation of natural resource use and ensuring sustainable development.

Environmental audit pursues the following tasks:

  • Substantiation of environmental strategy and policy of an enterprise
  • Identification of priorities in the course of planning of environmental activities of an enterprise and additional possibilities for their implementation
  • Inspection of observance of environmental legislation by a subject of economic activity
  • Increasing effectiveness of regulation of environmental impact of a subject of economic activity
  • Reducing the risk of occurrence of emergency connected with environmental pollution

Economic and other activities are the object of environmental audit. It also includes activities in the past connected with impact on the environment, natural objects, as well as the results of such activity.

Being mainly a voluntary initiative, at present environmental audit is widely used by enterprises and private investors for obtaining objective assessment of environmental performance of an enterprise. In the course of environmental audit the following tasks are performed: inspection of a degree of correspondence of a process, nature of activity, procedures, products, management system to environmental requirements and norms, qualitative and quantitative indicators set by regulations and legislation of the Russian Federation, regulations of the subjects of the Russian Federation, norms проведении экологического аудита проверяется степень соответствия процесса, norms and regulations of specially designated state bodies in the field of natural environment protection.

Auditors of the SPE “Cadastre” – experienced and competent specialists with special basic education and solid experience of work in environmental field.

Audit recommendations and proposals will help you to rightly identify and set priorities, reference points for the development of an enterprise. Audit conclusion may form the basis for formation of environmental strategy and policy of an enterprise.


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