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Environmental-economic Assessments

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Environmental-economic assessments are necessary for determining legality of project implementation and preventing potential negative environmental impact of various activities and related social, economic and other consequences.

Environmental-economic analysis is a critical element of environmental management in the course of the designing and construction of new enterprises, their functioning as subjects of natural resource use, management of functioning objects, decision-making on environment protection activities. It is also the main element of assessing effectiveness of environment protection measures, provision of economic incentives for maintaining adopted environmental quality, compensation of damage when environmental conditions are disturbed, environmental insurance and in other cases

Environmental assessment is performed in relation to any type of planned activity at all stages and in all directions.

SPE “Cadastre” performs assessment activities in the following directions:

  • Assessment of business, real estate objects, natural resources
  • Environmental-economic accounting
  • Valuation of ecosystem services
  • Assessment of economic effect of introduction of environment protection measures
  • Assessment of environmental damage of new construction and functioning objects
  • Assessment of risks of economic activity
  • Risk assessment and assessment of damage for human health
  • Assessment of effectiveness of environmental control and supervision


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