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Strategies and Action Plans

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Management of activities can only be effective in case of permanent planning aimed at constant response to changes caused by natural and anthropogenic processes, socio-economic and other reasons. Strategies and action plans are documents of long-term planning of environment protection actions that identify objectives, tasks, measures, general principles and priorities of environmental activity.

SPE “Cadastre” will perform:

  • Development of territorial target programmes and action plans in the field of rational natural resource use, environment protection and sustainable development (of a town, rural settlements, municipal districts, subject of the Russian Federation, river basin, specially protected natural area)
  • Development of sectoral propgrammes, plans of environmental management and improving environmental performance (of a corporation, industrial enterprise)
  • Monitoring of implementation of territorial and sectoral programmes and action plans

Strategies and action plans are developed by specialists of SPE “Cadastre” with the account of specificities of natural and socio-economic conditions of territories for optimization of use of natural, anthropogenic and human capital. At the same time, all developments are made in cooperation with leading specialists of various fields of knowledge and with the use of different methods of organization of joint work. Such approach allows to find a way out of any situation and to introduce new management methods.


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