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Preparation of the Reports on the State of the Environment and Sustainable Natural Resource Use

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Development and publication of corporate, regional and municipal Reports on the state of the environment and sustainable natural resource use is the “business card” of the SPE “Cadastre”.

Regional and municipal reports are documented systematized summaries of analytical information on the state of the environment, including environmental media, natural ecosystems, processes and phenomena that occur in them, results of assessments and forecasting changes of environmental conditions caused by natural and anthropogenic factors. Reports arte developed with the account of the requirements of the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 24 September, 2012 No 966 “On the Preparation and Dissemination of the State Report on the State and Protection of the Environment”. The reports reflect the current state of the environment and provide necessary information of the activities of territorial bodies of executive power, executive bodies of the subjects of the Russian Federation, local administrations, public and non-governmental organizations, legal and physical persons, aimed at protection and restoration of the environment, sustainable use and restoration of natural resources, prevention of negative environmental impact and liquidation of its consequences. Reports form the basis for the development and implementation of the state policy in the field of environmental development of the regions, identification of priority fields of activity of the state bodies of power in the given field, as well as for the development of measures aimed at prevention and decreasing of negative environmental impact.

Corporate reports disclose activities of enterprises in the field of implementation of environmental policies, provide information on measures of reducing negative environmental impact of enterprises, contain specific indicators of environmental impact, results obtained through application of measures on resource- and energy–saving. The reports also contain information on organization of environmental management and financing, technical reconstruction and modernization of production aimed at increasing environmental safety of facilities and produces products. Guidelines on corporate responsibility in the field of sustainable development (GRI 4.0 - Global Reporting Initiative 4.0) form the basis of the reports.

Development of corporate reports will help enterprises and corporations to regulate their environmental impact, increase operational effectiveness and efficiency, sustainably use natural resources as the issues of environmental impact of an enterprise are still among the most important issues of interaction of an organization with shareholders, staff members and other stakeholders. Disclosure of information in the field of the environment and natural resource use becomes and important competitive advantage and helps to raise the trust of investors.


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