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Development of Ecological Atlases

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SPE “Cadastre” develops cartographic materials of various purposes:

  • Environmental map-schemes and atlases, reflecting the state of the environment, environmental changes and measures on increasing environmental sustainability;
  • Management map-schemes that support the development of planning and programme documents in the field of environment protection and sustainable natural resource use;
  • map-schemes supporting and illustrating projects ad their sections.

Experts SPE "Cadastre" have a wealth of experience in the development of digital maps of different thematic focus, processing large volumes of data with innovative methods using a wide spatial information analysis tools , visualization of various information on the maps.GIS-technologies, decoding of remote sensing data of the Earth are used for the development of mapping materials. Specialized software packages, such as ArcGis 10.2, MapInfo, Erdas Imagine 9.2, Statistica 8.0, SPSS 13.0, Envi 5.0 and others are used.

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Among recent works - Ecological Atlas of the Yaroslavl Region, created with the application of the latest information technologies, helps to size up the ecological situation in the region, shows the nature and extent of the existing ecological problems, their dynamics under the influence of dominant factors, reveals the system of conservation measures, being carried out in the Yaroslavl Region, directed towards the human pressure reduction, city sustainability level increase, search of the extenuatory and adaptive capacities in the modern world. The basin approach was taken as a basis in the process of Atlas creation. It allows defining effective modes of subjects’ interaction in the system of natural resources exploitation at achieving mutually beneficial and ecologically acceptable conditions of development, taking into account the evolution of natural and domestic systems of minor rivers’ basins of the region. Structure and contents of the Atlas are aimed at implementing the DF-P-C-I-R analytical scheme, recommended by the European Commission of the United Nations organization and successfully used for integrated system analysis, which seamlessly combines driving force, pressure, condition, impact and response. Ecological Atlas combines cartographic, statistical and graphical information, airspace and ground photographs and images received from pilotless aircrafts – all that makes the Atlas unique in respect of the visualization and perception aspect.The Atlas is of interest for scientists and experts, working in the field of research and evaluation of environmental situation, search of ways of its improvement, design and implementation of effective economic policy at the national, regional and local control levels. 


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