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Measurement and assessment of environmental risks and human health risks

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In the context of increasing global risks, especially those related to environmental factors and climate change, the importance of measuring and assessing environmental and human health risks increases aimed at increasing business resilience. 
Using approaches to the assessment and management of environmental and health risks, we implement scientific, reasonable, effective, significant management decisions to reduce environmental and sanitary and epidemiological risks, as well as assess their real environmental and economic efficiency, which helps to increase the investment attractiveness and ecological image of business. 
SPE "Cadastre", as a part of the Scientific-Production Association "Cadaster Institute", carries out projects related to the assessment of environmental and health risks in cooperation with the Center for Health Risk Assessment, which functions to research, develop, substantiate and implement best cost-effective management decisions in the field of preserving human health and the quality of the environment. The Center includes departments specializing in certain stages of the procedure for assessing the health risks – hazard identification, dose-response assessment, exposure assessment, health risk specifications and management, quality management. 
We carry out: 
  • development of methodological approaches and scientific substantiation of management decisions aimed at reducing the level of human health risk from traffic noise, including in the design of infrastructure and transport enterprises located in residential areas; 
  • development and scientific substantiation of measures to adapt to climate change, preventing its potential adverse effects on the human health; 
  • scientific support of adoption of general planning decisions aimed at maintaining sanitary and epidemiological welfare of residential areas, including: (1) development of cities and settlements, (2) construction and reconstruction of industrial facilities; 
  • development and substantiation of engineering solutions to reduce health risks from environmentally unfavorable factors, evaluate the effectiveness of programs for improving the environmental situation in cities and settlements on the basis of health risk indicators, as well as the development of reasonable monitoring and control in the field of wildlife management based on health risk from pollution.


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